My Best Friend, Her Husband, and the Gift they never thought they would have!

I have known Erica since we were 15, we have been through LIFE together! And by life, I mean we have been through relationships, the loss of relationships, and we have seen each other go through our own times of highs and lows. She has seen me have and raise 4 kids, all while she enjoyed her 20’s and 30’s as an astute business woman and traveled the world..

I thought she had sworn off marriage and kids, and I was sure she was just always going to be Autie Erica.. but then along came Sean, younger than her .. tall and handsome, and could hold his own in her company.. not something many men could do.. He intrigued her like no one had ever done before.. and the woman that  had all but sworn off marriage.. ended up walking down that aisle to become Mrs. Sudduth! I had the privilege of Photographing their wedding  ( click the hyperlink to see the GORGEOUS Brooklyn wedding!) and now I have the privilege of capturing images of my Beautiful best friend, her handsome husband and my Gorgeous Niece, Eden Marie!

this was an Impromptu photo shoot that we did when they were in town recently.. and despite us just running out of the house to take pics.. I think you can clearly see the smitten love they all show for eachother!!!! 

She’ll loves her baby cousin so much too! 

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