Happy Fathers Day Dad

Dad has been having Memorial Day Parties on his property for over 30 years now.. I am sure much more than that…

Dad Looooooves his Memorial Day Parties!!! .. I guess its always been the kick off to better weather in Omaha and for Dad that means “Boating Weather” on the Missouri River In his beloved boat ” Mo Therapy”

But, as you all know, Dad has really been through the ringer this past year.. he suffered a stroke in October.. and then the hospitalization almost killed him when he contracted Staph and MRSA in the hospital .. and then in January Grandpa died.. that was Dad’s best buddy.. and then to top it all off .. our family home of over 40 years Burned down in February… it was a total loss.  We have really been through it.. so Dad was looking forward to this Memorial Day party…

Surrounded by family, friends, food.. his dog and his junk… Dad celebrated what would be the “series ending” to the Famous Freddie’s Memorial Day Parties.

It was fun, festive, emotional, and mostly filled with love!

Happy Fathers Day Dad! 2017 here’s to getting that house rebuilt!!!!



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