Frank and Brycee are Engaged!!!!!

He could hardly contain his excitement when he talked about her…. “She’s Beautiful.. Perfect really” as he described her to me… How did you meet I asked… He smiled shyly and kinda giggled… looked at me like I wasn’t ready and said… “On Tinder” lol  He was right… I wasn’t ready… I mean I have never done the online dating thing.. and I really didnt think they worked…and Tinder.. well I haven’t heard much about it .. other than you swipe left or swipe right and I don’t even know what that means… But in this case it was evident that it REALLY WORKED for them!!! We walked through the Don Cesar and made the plan for the 4th of July Weekend… He was so excited and I was excited for him .. and for Brycee… knowing she had NO IDEA what this weekend had in store for her…

The coordinator and I arranged the blankets and shells and flowers and awaited their arrival.. you would think we were in a covert operation, as we had the door girls and the valets in on it.. to give us the heads up when they arrived… she texted me… THEY ARE HERE!!! my photo assistant and I hid on the beach in a cabana they set up for us and waited… my heart was racing .. so I knew his must have been too,  and then they were there … he was right … SHE WAS PERFECT!! a beautiful tall statuesque blond.. he led her to the blanket, she looked perplexed as he gently held both of her hands and began to talk ( for what seemed like forever, lol) I wondered what he was saying as her smile grew bigger and bigger… and then he lowered down on one knee.. It was PERFECT.. a beautiful sunset beach proposal and the crowd cheered loudly, whistled and hooted as she said yes! <3 <3 <3 it was everything a girls dreams are made of when she thinks about her proposal and what it would be like… YOU DID GOOD Dr. Frank!! You did Good!!!! 


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