My Best Friend’s Wedding


Erica and I became instant friends .. and it all started with a toe touch… I had just moved to Nebraska from Florida.. (I know.. crazy right) … but when I met erica.. instant friendship.. maybe even a little competitiveness too, we were both cheerleaders and driven students.. we encouraged each other to go to the colleges of our dreams..though in the end.. we never did go to those schools.. ¬†we have gone through boyfriends together.. good and bad.. She has been a part of all of my children’s lives.. has seen them be brought into this world.. has watched one of them graduate already.. we have had our way ups and we have had our way downs..we have made the “maneuver” famous.. ( inside thing ) We have danced.. laughed.. cried.. fought.. gone through the deaths of our grandmothers.. and it was the death of Michael Jackson that resurrected our own estranged friendship at the time… our lives have taken on many different directions in the course of our friendship.. but one thing has remained.. the mutual love we share for eachother..

so when she told me she was getting married.. yep I said it.. ERICA .. GETTING MARRIED.. something I NEVER thought I would say or witness ever in my life.. I was thrilled and ecstatic to be a part of it! I flew to New York… my favorite city in the world to spend time with my favorite friend in the world.. and to be a part of her awesome.. “only as Erica would do it” day! It was crazy.. it was, by all means, totally Erica.. and it was great to be a part of it.. to be there.. and to see my dear friend take the plunge!

No matter the time.. or the distance.. the different cities.. the years that have passed.. I love her more and more and I am so happy to see her happy! <3 Love you Erica and Sean!


Here is my Gorgeous friend!


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