A Preview to my Sister’s wedding blog!!!!

Wedding Blog Part 1 :

I’ve seen my sister go through some ups.. and go through downs in life.. and relationships too.. But when I first saw pics of her with Mike.. I saw a completely different woman.. a happier.. a more genuine Addie.. She had met her guy.. the one she would call Husband one day.. Mike and Addie.. the perfectly fun, crazy, adventurous mix up of characters.. just perfect for eachother.

Much more to come.. but I wanted to surprise my sister and show her whats going on behind the scenes!


Mike made the box!

but can we talk about that STUNNING stone!!! That Sapphire is breathtaking!!!!!

Grandpa gave us Grandma’s wedding and engagement rings a few days before the wedding.. Grandma’s ring is in the center.. in the picture below .. It was Addie’s something old..  Her ring.. shoes.. and garter.. Something Blue… 

My Daughter She’lah was the flower girl..

We laughed … alot!
Addie gave Grace this heart pendant.
This is Grace… My sister’s biological daughter .. Addie choose adoption for Grace and Grace’s Mom, Lisa gave Addie her something borrowed for the wedding ( further down)  Addie’s Gorgeous gift bags and bracelets to the girls.. 
Addie’s Something Borrowed .. from Lisa.  Can you find me in this picture! Cheers! 🙂


Bride going down… BRIDE DOWN!!!! LOL  And then of course Amanda took me seriously when I said jump! 

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