Sometimes.. it wont always be perfect


it’s not perfect.. Its not predictable.. its not a pinterest picture perfect life.. that ‘s for sure.

Things happen that can detour our plans.. things happen that can send our lives into completely different trajectories than what we thought we would take.

and you know what.. that ‘s ok..

That is when we are being displaced from our comfort zone and our “PLANS”.. and shifted into this “REAL THING” called REAL LIFE.

I had an ideal version of what life would be.. and it hasn’t exactly fallen into my plan of action..

but what I do have.. is so much better.. its been so much more stressful.. but its so much better.

4 kids.. 1 in college now questioning her own path..

1 in high school worried about getting into college as a collegiate athlete..

1 very spirited 7 year old who should be a performer for sure.. and 1 princess baby that is working hard on her gymnastics dreams..

I had dreams too once.. I wanted to be a doctor.. I could have certainly been a lawyer.. but right now.. I am mommy to 4 amazing kids.. with all their quirks and mishaps and real life issues..

they are my focus in life.. Their lives and their dreams are the utter most important thing to me.. am I doing it all right???  nope .. probably not.. probably not at all…

but I have been doing it since I was 18.. and doing it well and responsibly since then.. but perfect.. no..


Ladies .. sisters.. friends..

Don’t beat yourselves up if you are in a different life path than you thought.. Enjoy this VERY MOMENT that you are in..

there is soooo much more to be grasped in this very moment, the one that you actually have than thinking about the ones you never had.

..meanwhile these little moments that should be treasured and cherished are flittering on by..


My prayer today is that I can learn to love EACH MOMENT I AM IN.. If I am washing the dishes.. LOVE THAT MOMENT.. think of all that things that you can be thankful for in that moment..

Lord Thank you that I have hot water right now.. Lord thank you that my family has food to eat to create all these dishes.. Lord thank you that my children ate breakfast this morning..

Find the Thankfulness in EACH MOMENT… write em down if you have to .. speak words of love rather than words of frustration or bitterness.. Start that grattitude journal.. start a time each day to just be thankful.. join me. I am preaching to myself too now! I just want to be thankful for all I do have and not covet the “when we get to ” or “when we have ” moments..

I am thankful for this moment..   Thank you Lord for this moment.. now help me to be thankful for all I have to clean today! <3





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