Jesus Culture – completely on fire and consumed with Christ!

If you are one of the last people on Earth to have heard about the band.. the group of young individuals.. a movement if you will , of radical grace empowering Christian artists known as Jesus Culture… allow me to introduce you!

They are clearly talented .. they are clearly gifted .. and they are clearly PASSIONATE about worship and ushering others into the atmosphere of complete and unashamed worship!

Their rock infused music has swept across the denominations of Christianity and has engulfed a nation of young believers. They have captured the hearts of passion worshipers and have created  a sense of urgency for the youth who are lost and hurting.. sometimes direction-less. And in a day an age where your peers can determine your path in life..  we all too often see the path less taken in the generation X,and (wh)Y.

Jesus Culture and Bethel Church have started a movement .. and a challenge really to all of us who call ourselves Christians… to live for God.. Passionately and Compassionately  seek to minister to ALL of those around us.. especially those who challenge YOU to get out of your comfort zone to witness.. to live your life as a witness.. to extend that love to others and to Passionately, unashamedly offer up your praise and worship in adoration.


Here are some MUST SEE’s if you want to experience Jesus Culture!


full concert:


And Here are my images from a recent concert… they are incredible Live!

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