Easy and Fun Thanksgiving Tree.

I love to decorate for the holidays.. I try to do as much as can on a budget.. I wanted to do something that everyone could participate in on Thanksgiving.. so my son, his lovely girlfriend, my little She’lah, and myself made a Thanksgiving tree.. this is a super simply Idea, and you have plenty of time to do one if you would like to share in the fun! You can do it any which way you want to personalize for yourself but here is how I did mine…

I was going to use card stock.. but then I thought paint swatches would be great for this, and free.. so I snagged a few paint swatches.. and since they had all the writing on the back.. I grabbed 2 of the same color so I could glue those together.. Taj cut all the writing off of the color swatches and Kristina glued the 2 pieces together.. She’lah snipped the holes in the corner.. and a few of them I decided would have a burlap backing.. I tied a piece of ribbon on each .. so when each person comes for Thanksgiving they get to pick a card and write what they are Thankful for.. and it will be our Thanksgiving tree  
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