Alyssa.. Her mommy and the miracle of life.

My friend Abby works for Spirit FM. So when She asked me to be a part of their 12 days of Christmas Give-a-way.. I was thrilled to offer a photo package.  And It’s always so surprising to see how God orchestrates it all.

I got a call from a sweet gentle voiced young lady one day saying she was a winner of the family photo package and if we could actually make it a maternity session. I was thrilled to be able to do that for her.. and so much more so when we actually met.

Alyssa will be doing this on her own for the most part.. she will have her mom and family to help her..  But I know all to well what it is like to be pregnant .. and go through alone.. and to have a baby .. and go through that alone.. It’s so scary .. especially for a young lady.  There are so many fears.. so many worries.. the angst of a young mothers heart to do it right.. and how can she while doing it alone..

Alyssa.. I want to ease your mind by saying when I was 18, pregnant and alone.. I had all those same fears… I was so worried about how I would provide.. How I would finish school.. where would we live.. how could I raise a baby .. when I myself was a baby.. But now 18 years later .. I am so proud of the young lady that I raised.. She is the joy of my life and the most joyful and funny young lady I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and mothering.. She is my best friend and my greatest gift in life. I know that your little Valerie will bless your life in the same way.. she is going to be your greatest blessing in life, and every step of the way God our father is going to guide you and lead you and He will provide for you and your little blessing of this gift of life!!!!

I am so blessed to have met you and to have been able to bless you with these images! I do hope you enjoy them!

Can’t wait to see Valerie soon! <3



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