Ziggy Marley.. The music continues through him

One good thing about music .. when it hits you feel no pain!

how can you go to a reggae show and not let the rhythm and music just take over!! I love reggae music .. always have since I was a little girl. My mom started taking me to listen to her friends band play… it was then I became knowledgeable of reggae music and my love for Bob Marley and The Wailers began. I started to listen to other reggae greats such as Third World, Black Uhuru, Steel Pulse, Buju Banton, Morgan Heritge, Garnett Silk, Beres Hammond and many others… it was something we shared as a family… my mother, my brother and I… our mutual love for reggae music.. for the culture, the food and the West Indian people .. we have all been to Jamaica now and enjoyed all that there is to love about Jamaica.. the food. the music. the culture. the mountains. the rivers and the falls.

I was thrilled when Ziggy was coming back to St. Pete.. it had been sometime since I enjoyed a good reggae concert… and he never disappoints..  he put on a great show and seeing him on stage always makes me think of how it was his father, Reggae LEGEND Bob Marley who first led me to this love of Reggae music and all the joy that love has brought me throughout the years.  The wonderful people I have met and the people that have had lasting impact on my life… because of Bob.. who has left such a lasting impact on the world with the music that still continues to live through his family who continue the legacy ..   The Music lives on…

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