When a friendship becomes a life long soul mate..

They met in 2004 in Pensacola, Florida… she was a freshman in college and he was in his second year of Marine Corp. A mutual friend introduced them, and they became friends. They got along well and had lots of fun together, however Tommie was stationed in San Diego in 2005 and Eliana moved back home to Tampa, and though they remained friends.. as the years passed,  they lost contact with eachother.

In 2009, Eliana happened to run into an old friend …who was also a friend of Tommie’s… and gave her his number. She called.

That call lasted 3 hours.

And then there was another call… and another… and then it was an everyday call. The calls were longer.. the laughs were louder.. the good-byes so much harder. The distance that separated them also brought them so much closer together.

She knew she was falling in love. They decided it was time to see eachother again after the months of telephone conversations and the years of not seeing one another. She flew to San Diego to see him, she waited for him there with her bags in hand, and when she saw him… she said.. she JUST KNEW… He was THE ONE… he would be her husband one day… Tommie must have felt the same way.. cause when he saw her after all those years, and after the many phone conversations… he walked right up to her and gave her a kiss… she said she felt the butterflies and it was like one of those magical moments you never forget.

They enjoyed a wonderful time together getting reacquainted and reaffirming they way they were both feeling about eachother.

They fell more in love .. and it was difficult to leave California to return to Florida.. they talked about the possibilities of her moving to California.. and as they began to pray about it and give it over to the Lord’s will, doors began to open for her as a job opportunity became available and it seemed as though everything was lining up.

She took the leap and moved to California… their relationship grew in love and on Christmas Eve 2010 Tommie planned a special evening for Eliana.

She had no idea just how special it would be.

She says she thought it was just a holiday celebration they were having.. she tells me  ” Tommie told me to get dressed up that he had made plans for the evening. I didn’t think anything of it since it was a holiday,  I was excited to get out of the house and dress up. We arrived at a fancy restaurant on the water on an island called Coronado which faces downtown San Diego. The restaurant is Candelas on the Bay. The view from the restaurant was amazing. Tommie made reservations, they had a live band,  and I was completely shocked that he had planned this evening without my knowledge. We enjoyed a romantic dinner and then we went for a walk by the water. We stopped to admire the view and enjoy a moment by the water.  It was then that Tommie started to tell me how much he loved me and that he couldn’t see himself with anyone else. That he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me.  He got on his knee, pulled out the ring and asked me to marry him! Of course I said yes!!!  I was so overjoyed that I cried. It was such an intimate and romantic proposal.

I believed that Tommie is my soul mate. He always knows how to make me smile. We have so much fun together. I can’t see myself with anyone else. I love him because he is sincere, caring, and funny.”


Isn’t it just beautiful when God writes the love story.. when HE orchestrates the love symphony! And how beautiful is it when the distance that separates 2 people in time and space is the very thing that causes the hearts to fall deeper in love with the soul connection, that only a soul mate can bring you.

I just love when friends fall in love and  become Husband and Wife .. who become LIFE LONG SOUL MATES!

To Eliana and Tommie! Life is going to be grand for you both. where Laughs and Love abound.. the heart grows happiness, joy and peace… and WHAT could be better than that!



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