The Wanted in NYC.. Dreams DO come true!!!!!

So I have to give you the story about this one!!!!

Let’s just say.. I BELIEVE THAT DREAMS CAN COME TRUE…. and when those dreams belong to my kids… I am going to make sure I do WHATEVER it takes to make sure their hopes and dreams are realized!!! I am a dream believer…

So when my daughter was 15, she discovered a band on the internet.. They were from England… just starting their music career together as a group… very unknown to American mainstream music,  we both watched their first video on Youtube together  “All TIme Low” and as each member of the group appeared, we were both like “WHO are these guys!!!” she started to watch EVERY online video they had.. stalked their website and began to talk about them… EVERYDAY… EVERY HOUR… EVERY MINUTE… It was “Tom Parker” this… and “The Wanted” that….

so when her 16th birthday was coming up… I photoshopped a photo collage of Tom Parker from The Wanted and had it printed on her birthday cake..  made her a scrapbook of pictures of the guys and had a sweatshirt made that said… ” Mrs. Tom Parker” 🙂  for pretty much the entire year from August 2010 to August of 2011 … It’s was 99% of what she talked about,  how much she Looooved “The Wanted” and how she wished she could go to England to see them. Then one day I heard a scream come from the living room…  they were COMING TO AMERICA… FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY… and of all places … TO NEW YORK CITY!!! ( My favorite place on the planet ) … I knew at that moment I would take her to New York to see The Wanted… I bought the tickets to the concert that night when she went to bed… I had no plane tickets… no hotel… but I had the concert tickets and a little thing called a dream about to come true… the next day as Aiyana sat at the computer wishing she could go to NYC to see the boys,.. I whipped out the tickets and told her  “WE ARE GOING!!!!!!”  It was awesome!!!!!!

And just 2 weeks later we were sitting on a plane on the way to make my daughter’s dream come true.. We arrived in New York City on a Sunday… the concert was on a Tuesday… what Aiyana did not know was .. I had already contacted the management company the night I bought the concert tickets and explained to them that I was flying my daughter to New York and it would be absolutely awesome if she could meet the guys and have a meet and greet. They responded immediately and set it all up… she had no idea she was going to meet the guys…. However that Sunday night in NYC.. she received a tweet that the boys were going to be at a specific location and wanted to meet their fans and that they would be selecting 5 fans to go on a private tour bus around New York City with a private acoustic concert!!!  She was ecstatic to FINALLY see the boys and meet the love of her life Tom Parker.  We mapped it out and set out in the morning to find the location, we stopped at Staples bought a poster board and markers and made a sign… something to the fact that they should pick us since we came from Florida to meet them!   We got there very early, no one else was there.  We wondered if we were in the right place, then about a half hour later some other girls showed up… we started to talk to them and they were from Florida too!!!! The crowd started to grow.. and so did Aiyana’s excitement and anticipation.. I was trying to prepare her for when they would arrive… but nothing can prepare you to meet your teen idol, and heart throb!!!

And as the bus pulled up… the crowd started to rush towards the bus and the guys,  including me with my camera, shooting the pictures as they were walking out of the bus.  Then I realized Aiyana was NO WHERE to be found… I looked around for her in the crowd and she had actually drawn back behind everyone  because she was a sobbing mess at this point. Siva, one of the guys in the band ( he is the beautiful model gorgeousness one)  saw her and walked right through everyone and towards her , he grabbed her face and wiped her tears.  It was absolutely a magical moment for me to see this moment actually come to fruition… ..and THERE HE WAS .. It was Tom Parker… walking right up to Aiyana .. and then the absolute most UNEXPECTED thing happened… He grabbed her in the tightest hug and kissed her … dead smack on the lips!!!! It was literally worth EVERY PENNY to get there… Every traveling headache… Every and anything it took me to get her there… That moment right there was ALL WORTH IT!!!!!!   But wait… It gets Better!!!!!

They began to select the 5 for the private tour bus. We both pulled out of the box for the “golden ticket” and pulled blank ones. We watched as the others in the crowd pulled the blanks… and then a scream would rise from the crowd when a ticket was pulled…. 1, then 2, then 3, then 4… and then I noticed everyone that had pulled tickets was pulling again… I told Aiyana to “maneuver” get back there and pull again… by this time it had become a frenzy as there was only one ticket left…. Aiyana punched her hand into the box and it was like the slow motion part of  a dramatic scene in a movie… SHE PULLED THE LAST TICKET!!!!!! and it sounded like this…. “Oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Myyyyyyyyyyyyy GAWWWWWWWWWDDDD!!!!!!!!

Here we were 2 days ago sitting in our house on Mary Sue Street and now here she is in the Greatest city in the world having the greatest experience of her life!!!!!! she boarded the bus for the private tour…. it was truly one of the greatest moment in my life for her…. I was so excited for her… and off they went… Aiyana with the biggest smile I had ever seen!

The next day was the concert and we got to go back and hang out with the guys prior to the show… and I got to take our new friends, the ones that were from Florida,  back there with us too… it was the best trip everrrrr….

Nevermind the fact that when we got home from New York… the images were electromagnetically shocked off the memory card and  I had to research and find a company that could recover the images from the disc when the mainframe is burnt… There is only one company in the world that does this and I am so grateful for them!!!!! They restored 80% of the images… and I am soooo glad we have those memories and they weren’t completely gone! )

Surprise trip to New York: $1300

Cost to repair disc to recover every image taken on trip: $400

meeting Tom Tom “for the first time”: PRICELESS!!!!

and it was worth EVERY PENNY!!!!!

Here are the images from a dream come true trip!!!!


BTW: we have been able to hang out with the guys in Orlando and Tampa.. and they pretty much love us! 🙂


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staci monasmithApril 4, 2012 - 1:19 am

Melissa what an amazing story, I have to say the pictures are absolutely beautiful. U captured a great moment. #timeless

Tatiana SousaJune 13, 2012 - 12:20 am

Hi my name is Tatiana(: I’m 15 and I live in NY. I saw what you wrote about your daughter and i wanted to saw that my mouth dropped! Me and four of my friends have been obsessing over the wanted for almost a year now, but since were still teenagers our parents never let us go to meet and greets or concerts. They have a concert this thursday and another this friday in NYC. We tried to get tickets but had no luck. I probably sound like someone who just wants to take advantage of you but Im not. My friends cried for a week straight because they really wanted to go. We have no school on friday and we were gonna see if we could go out and find them. We only live 30 mins away from the city. But our parents said if we’re not gonna be inside an arena or a concert we can’t just go looking for some random band >:| Anyways, we wanted to know if you could use your magic powers and have us meet the band. Sorry if I sound like a spoiled brat but i can’t help my hormones! LOL You seem like a really cool person! These boys drive me crazy and I’d kill to see them in person! I’d give anything to just get a glimpse or even a tweet from one of them! My personal favorite is Jay, hes such a cutie! haha Three of my friends are obsessed with Nathan and my best friend Britney likes Siva. LOL This whole week we’ve been talking about “What would we do if we met them!” haha I get chills just thinking about it! Then when I was casually staking my future husbands I came across your website and again my mouth DROPPED! haha If you read this I hope you don’t think I’m a spoiled brat I just really want to meet them and your my last chance! Oh and those pictures are amazing! Tell your daughter I’m EXTREMELY jealous lol

Have a nice day!

Tatiana Sousa(: