“Praise you in this storm”

So lately we have had a rash of wild weather all over the country… Florida was under an onslaught of torrential rains,  tropical storm winds,  and flooding from the tropical storm Debby that took her little vacation in Florida and stayed for more than a week…Colorado had the devastating wildfires that destroyed over 400 homes, and the Midwest is blazing with a heat wave that is causing widespread power outages from the increasing demand to cool homes and provide some amount of relief from the scorching heat!

so many homes destroyed .. so many people displaced, and lives lost… Tomorrow is never promised to any of us. We are here today.. gone today. Even though our homes provide us with some amount of security .. it could be gone tomorrow.. memories of your lifetime.. washed away in floods.. burned out in wildfires.. and all that you have known is no more.

I often think to myself.. “How do they start over?”  How do you begin to pick up and move forward???  I think of how completely devastated I would be by the loss of my pictures.. the memories throughout the years of my children from their lil preschool crafts, handmade Mother’s Day cards, and Christmas ornaments collected throughout the years, each one with their own story..

I don’t really know how they do it… But what I do know that in all my personal trials and pains in life… no matter WHAT I was going through I COULD NOT have gone through it alone!!!! Even during the days I thought I was going through it alone… I look back now and know … I have always been comforted by the greatest comforter!

My prayer for those that have lost homes, and are now having to rebuild,  is that no matter what you are going through that you find the glimmer of hope in it all… that though homes and materials may be gone.. families are still intact. And that is my prayer for you too.. that no matter what personal floods or fires you are going through or when it seems like the lights are out and you just can’t see your way out of this mess… even in the storm ..find a way to praise.

” Thank you God for this day.. even though it may not be going my way right now… You are with me… even in this storm.. and through this storm.. this trial at this time in my life.. I will draw closer to you and KNOW that this too shall pass.. and I will come out greater than before!”

In JESUS name I pray- amen.


Here is a note about this picture:

so we live on the west coast of  Florida…  the coast that has been getting hammered with the tropical storm… we heard our beach was essentially washed away… we live 1 minute from the beach.. so we went over there to see for ourselves.. the waves were incredible and the winds were great…I saw this super cool hippie guy… getting his praise on… reminding us that NO MATTER WHAT swirls about us… Praise Him in the storm!!! 🙂
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHdcyue0bSw )


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