I Looooooove Pandora!!!!! I am so thankful that I asked my girlfriend Dana what her BEAUTIFUL bracelet was… and when she said Pandora… I came home and looked it up right away… and I have been Pandora obsessed ever since!

I love how individualized each charm is to your own unique personality. I love the feeling of coming home and seeing a “just because” surprise little white box adorned with the signature Pandora Crown! or designing my own bracelets on the designer app!

My bracelets tell the story of my life .. my kids… my travels… my dreams… ¬†and yes I am serious… that is how much I love the story behind each charm!!!

The little lady bug for my Miss Lady, the football for Taj, the cupcake for Aiyana… Jaden has claimed the cross .. the apple for my adventures in the Big Apple with my girl, the cute lil snowman and Christmas Tree for my absolute Looooove of Christmas and how important our trees are to me! ( read all about that here! )

and now an absolute dream has come true for me… I will be working for Pandora!!!!! I am the new Pandora Ambassador for the Alexis Diamond House! I cannot be any more excited about this new adventure in my life!!!!

Now you have to come see me and let me help you get started on building your perfect Pandora!!!!!

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