One simple golden ring… it means the world to her.

94 years … one who has seen presidents come & go, wars start & end… the rise of Hollywood through glamour and now to trash.. the innovations and growth from industrial to technology… from the simple to the immensity of the complexities that we have today… she has seen ALOT and of all that she has had and owned throughout the years… clothing, and furniture and well… just ..things…. THIS is her most prized possession, as she tells me everytime I see her now… 1 very simple golden ring.. and 66 years behind it… 66 years. the humbleness of this ring.. and what it means to her… that should really teach us a lesson.. and I am still trying to fully grasp it myself…

Don’t worry Nanny… you will see your Joe again… sooner than later.. and my heart breaks to know so. 

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