One hot couple and One REALLY hot car! :)

I was soooooo super excited when Angela contacted me about shooting her wedding. I had been the wedding photographer for one of her best girlfriend’s wedding, she was the maid of honor… and boy oh boy WHAT A WEDDING that was!!!!! It was a first for me for sure…. long story short… we are all there lined up waiting to walk down the aisle when it began to occur to everyone….. “where is the pastor?????”

Well since the wedding was on a Friday.. the pastor had completely forgotten about it… most likely thinking it was going to be on Saturday and well .. he went fishing… literally!!! LOL

I had to come to the rescue and figure something out quick! I asked if there was a notary present and if we could get a to a computer to print out how the wedding ceremony should be legally performed and on we went… without the Pastor … but with a story for a lifetime! We had a blast that night and I was honored when Angela asked me to shoot their wedding…

as we met about the wedding and ideas… they began to talk of this classic camaro that her fiance and his father had rebuilt and asked if they could use it in the photos??? UMMMMM HECK YES!!!!! even though our initial plan of location didn’t work out… we found an empty garage and took some images until the security guards harassed us about being on the property… Uuuughhhh Mall cops!

I can’t wait til their fall wedding and guess what… it will contain ANOTHER rebuilt classic car!!!!!

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