My Nanny… 94 years of memories .. the last 2 without the Love of her Life

My Nanny.. all 4 foot nothing of her…. has been the solid rock of my life.. I feel completely honored and blessed to have had her in my life for so long.. she has been here to meet all of my children… to share all of her stories of back home.. she is probably certainly responsible for all my cavities, since she would buy pack andĀ packs of Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups for me to eat on the weekends that I spent with her and my grandfather.

She has taught and shown me unconditional love…impressed on me that education is key.. and lived a life of prayer and giving … all while never really seeing her life and her dreams fulfilled to the utmost..

she never learned to drive.. she was scared

She never became a nurse.. that was her hearts desire.. but just before she was to head off to school, my grandfather proposed to her and asked her to stay and marry him while he went off to the Merchant Marine. ..I don’t think she would ever truly admit to it.. but I know that is a deep down regret of hers.. she has always wanted me to become a nurse or doctor.. and even though I know I have all the brains and desire to..I think that will also be one of my life’s unfulfilled desires.

I have always loved her more than life itself. I have always feared the day she is no longer with me.. and even at 35.. I don’t think I will be prepared for it. She has been my one constant in life. The NEVER FAILING cards from Nanny with the cute little kitties, puppies or flower bouquets ” just wanted to say Hi and I was thinking about you and I miss you and I love you so much.. say a prayer to St. Nicholas.. he is the Patron Saint of hopeless cases… ” … LOL thanks Nanny for thinking I am a hopeless case… But you know what.. when I was… she loved me.. NEVER EVER judged me.. NEVER told me I was wrong.. Just LOVED ME… and PRAYED FOR ME! EVERYDAY 10 times a day I am sure. and Nanny .. I know that He hears your prayers and you have a direct link to HIM cause through all my mire.. your prayers have kept me safe and kept me going.

I had a recent visit with her before she had to move out of her house… It is what she has feared .. losing her independence… But it was evident it was time for her to be taken care of… the little lovely Irish woman that took care of all of us for so long.. now needs to be taken care of.

These are some images of her sharing stories of her life.. her love, my Grandad who passed, and how she can’t wait to see him again.


She is telling us about her solid gold ring.. the one that she has worn for 68 years now ( 66 married ) … she says its too big for her fingers.. but she still wears it!
I can only imagine the thoughts… I could listen to her stories forever My Girl

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