Kim Walker, the heart of worship


So I am a worshipper…. I love Jesus… i am NOT ashamed to say so…. HE IS MY CONSTANT Friend, companion… the lover of my soul… He gives me peace when my heart wants to cry… and when my eyes do… I love Him… and I am sure some people think that is crazzzy… but I KNOW what I know to be true for me in my heart.. and the truth of the matter is Jesus Loves me.. this I KNOW … and I love Him and no matter how many time I may fail… He ALWAYS loves me.. and He will NEVER leave me or forsake me!!!!!!

When I was introduced to the music of Kim Walker, it was exactly what I longed for in a worship band… and that is COMPLETE SURRENDER in Worship!!!! Kim Walker and Jesus Culture are amazzzing!!! they are transforming the way people worship and reaching the hearts of the youth and THAT Is crucial in today’s day and age of EVERYTHING before God… our youth are being lost to a slew of multi-media time sucking and mindless activities… Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, video games…. I am not saying that they are all bad… but they are taking the forefront in our youths lives… Jesus Culture and Bethel Church are trying to raise up a generation of young worshippers… to continue to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and reach their own peers… It’s a burden of my heart as I see my own teenagers walking away from the faith they were raised with.. or at least not putting time into it.. rather putting time towards everything but their faith walk.

I am going to share several links for songs from Jesus Culture and Kim Walker… take some time today to turn off the world around you and Give THANKS to the one who created the World!!!!

Oh How He Loves Us!!!! ( absolute awesomeness! )

I Surrender ( one of my personal FAVORITES!!!!)

Your Love Never fails ( Oh i looove this one too!!! )

You won’t relent ( this is an amazzzing Powerful song!!!!! )

All i need is you ( ok let’s just say they are alll my favorite!!!!! )


They will be performing in Tampa Bay on April 14th… I cannot wait.. If you want to go… here is the info

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