Justin and Christa are getting married!!!!! and soon!

Who knew that a random ( and totally Awesome ) capture of 2 brothers at a Mercy Me concert in 2008 would eventually lead to an email a few years later saying “heyy…I think you took a picture of me and my brother worshipping together and and I would really like to give it to him as a gift!”

“No Problem” I said.. “I am sure I can find it and email it to you”   I did… and Justin and I have been freinds ever since!  Then his promise of … “When I get married… You will be my photographer!”

So imagine my ELATION when I saw my friend displaying pictures of himself with a young lady on facebook! I was absolutely giddy for him

..and then this status not too much after that!

“I asked Christa last night if she would marry me and she said “I would love to”   🙂

they have pulled all the plans together rather quickly and in 2 weeks .. we will all share in the love and joy of their wedding day! Justin and Christa.. I can’t wait to share that day with you and watch as God blesses you two in your lives as husband and wife!


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