I am just not “that” kind of girl..



I get my hair cut maybe once a year… I never wear make up and if I went into a real make up store I wouldn’t know what to buy, and anything over $7.00 in a .08 oz tube is RIDICULOUS to me anyway… I hardly EVER get my nails done…. I use my hands wayyyyy too much with my cameras, and my keyboards… and the kids.. and cleaning .. it just makes no sense for me to spend the money on that stuff when I would for sure break the nail, chip the paint… and the such. Pedicures are a luxury that I get maybe once every 3 months…

I have NEVER spent a RIDICULOUS amount of money on a Purse, wallet, clutch… handbag.. whatever you want to call it… if it isn’t less than $24.99 .. I ain’t buying it! ( unless of course I am in Chinatown, then I can find a great deal on something bootleg anyway!) I mean I would rather have the $800 IN MY purse.. not AS MY purse!!!! It’s just Crazzzzyyyy to me when there are people who have needs that could be better served by that money.. and listen I am NEVER one to boast, brag, or publicly talk about what I do for people.. ( I think that is very prideful when people brag about that kind of stuff… it just shows that you did it for yourself and not for the person in need…. that is called ” doing good… not doing GOD”) … but that is what I would rather be doing my resources rather than having a “purse-status”.

I am best in my jeans and a tank top or tee shirt and flip flops.. my house is a mess most of the time… even though we clean EVERYDAY… that’s what having 4 kids gets you.. a messy house! I am not shopping for the latest fades, shoes, or trends for spring or summer… I am a clearance rack queen and can put together a smoking hot outfit for less than $30 and look just as good as someone in a $200 outfit!

and listen .. don’t get me wrong… I am NOT judging … I am simply saying I am NOT that girl! I always feel very awkward when I am put in those situations.. I can tell how much I don’t fit in with that demographic of women.. but I feel NO LESS of a WOMAN at all because of it..

I have 4 kids… I have to budget wisely. I have to show MY daughters what is really important in life and it is NOT the outward appearance… It is the beauty that is INSIDE.. the love you have for people.. the compassion you share with others.. the gifts that GOD has given you that are to be used to help other people in their needs and to bring HIM glory through it.

I don’t ever want to just do good… I want to do God… and leave a legacy behind me that isnt wrapped up in THINGS…

for it’s not the things of this world that will be remembered.. they shall all fade away… it’s the legacy of YOU .. who you ARE .. who you loved.. who you helped… how YOU challenged YOURSELF to be the BEST YOU for the benefit of others and putting others needs before your own… that is what matters.. that is what makes you better than the car you drive… the clothes you wear.. the purse you carry… the jewelry.. the hair and the makeup….

My Ladies… My sisters… YOU are the best respresentation to your daughters as to what really matters in their lives.. teach them above all… Love and compassion… a heart that truly lives to help and esteem others… that will make them the most Beautiful women of all!!!!



Sooooo very lucky that I get to be the mother of these Amaaaazzzing kids.. It’s not always easy and I am not always good at it..but I am so thankful that the Lord has entrusted me to it!

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my gurlllsss!!!! <3



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