are you a social media junkie…. like me???

sooooo I love Facebook…  I love to be able to stay connected to my friends that I grew up with in Sarasota and my friends I went to high school with in Omaha.. I love and miss them all dearly, and I love to see where life has brought them… I have seen marriages, and kids, divorces, and health scares, new jobs, new houses, new destinations.. children growing up.. going to school.. graduating.. all that life entails…and I just love it.

Social media has made our big ole planet a little smaller. I have connected with family across the ocean… a girl who shares my very name .. whom I ADORE and Looooove dearly!! I have made friends with people I have never met, but feel entirely connected to! I have seen friends go through great needs, need great prayers, and shown great faith through great trials. I have been reconnected to loves ones that I thought about throughout the years, wondered where in the world they were and rebuilt relationships lost because of distance and time.

I love all social media.. we can share information faster than ever..  babies born today are on facebook within seconds of birth.. breaking news can be found in the very next status or newsfeed, and birthdays can be celebrated with hundreds of greetings.

so sorry if I clog up your newsfeed with pictures of my kids.. my daily happenings… but I am creating an online journal of my life… so one day when I am not here.. hopefully all this will be around for my kids to enjoy the memories of the days of the revolution known as Social Media!


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and just for the record… NO I DO NOT USE A PC…. I use a MAC…. but I had to connect while I was out of town… hence the PC picture…. Sorry to my Mac!!!! 🙂 

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