Amy and Kevin… happy ever after.

Amy and Kevin knew eachother growing up.. they attended the same church, but at the time.. he was just her friend’s little brother.

Quite a few years went by and after some time out of Florida,  Amy returned home and started to attend the same church again.

It was in her Sunday School class that her and Kevin were re-aquainted and began to chat online and at church.

Amy says she knew he was a great catch when Kevin brought her a Vente Carmel Frappachino, her favorite! He asked her on a first date. They went to dinner and a movie.

Amy’s favorite movie is Enchanted.. and when it was time to propose.. Kevin came up with the fairy tale proposal Amy would love… He dressed as a prince and sang “true love’s kiss”

**pause for all the girls to swoon!**

He even had her engagement band engraved to say ” happily ever after”

** ok pause again for collective Awwwwwwwww **

You just never know when your friend’s little brother grows up… He might just be your True Love’s kiss!

Amy and Kevin are getting married and it is sure to be an Enchanted Evening…

Save the Date:

November 10th 2012

Park Street Baptist Church

Pinellas Park, Florida.



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