A VERY OLD blog post with a timeless message.

(written in 2006- I was reminded of this post the other day and thought.. maybe someone could use the message now…)

God gave me a new perspective today!

I noticed that when I walk, no matter where I am, I tend to walk with my head down, I dont know why… call it insecurity, call it too much on my mind, call it what you will, but today God gave me a new way of thinking.

you see last night was very difficult for me, someone I love hurt me, and it just hurts to think this person is supposed to protect you, but yet they dont. And as I spent last night in prayer and weeping..God held me so tight and became the father that I never had, He held me and covered me with His presence and His grace.

So today, still feeling hurt, sad, and every kind of emotion that hurts, I was walking to get a sandwich from the shop across from my work. …I was walking with my head down…

I heard my Heavenly Father say ” Melissa STOP looking down! Look AROUND, Look AHEAD, and Look UP!”

As I began to do that, I began to notice things I had never seen before, or that I have failed to take notice of before! And just then, as I was looking around, I saw a flower on the ground ahead of me, what was soooo strange about this is that it is a very grey, windy, overcast and dreary day but yet there was this Beautiful Flower…it was not a part of the ground, it was on the ground, there is no other flowers around, in fact there is construction going on, and much of it is bare ground. But here was this beautiful Flower that I would not have noticed at all, if I were not looking around.

I picked it up, and its colors were so beautiful, and I noticed It looked like a butterfly! The Butterfly represents “change” and “new beginnings” It was so beautiful….so I took it with me to the store, and when I got in there, someone said where did you get that beautiful Orchid? I had no idea it was an Orchid, I said “My Heavenly Father sent it to me!”

So my message is no matter how much pain you may be going through! God, our Heavenly Father, sees your pain, holds you in the storms, and sends you His presence in many ways, But He is saying to you….Be aware of them….”Look around, Look Ahead, Look Up!”

Thank you Lord, for loving on me!

Help me to be ever aware of your presence around me in the big and the little details!

I Love you Lord!

( this is not the actual image of the flower I found… this image is from Google images.. i wish i could credit the Photographer… But this is EXACTLY like the Orchid I found!)

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