5 years ago….

5 years ago I went to a Mercy Me concert at the Strawberry Festival for my birthday (March 1st, if you want to send Reece’s peanut butter cups!! )

and as always.. I had my camera with me… and happen to see these worshippers.. I had to snap a few pictures of them.. I had no idea who they were.. didn’t even know they were twins as I photographed them from the back.. I waited til the end of the song and just slipped em my card and said.. “I took a few pics of you guys.. email me.. so I can email them to you”

One of the brothers did email me.. and I sent him the picture.. a few years later he emailed me again looking for that image and we started a friendship on Facebook.. I was delighted when he asked me to be his wedding photographer. and almost exactly 5 years later from the day I took the picture of him and his brother… I was blessed beyond measure to be a part of their GOD HONORING wedding… and isnt it cool that I snapped this image! I just LOOOOVE IT!

How Great is Our God” indeed~

Top Image from March 1st, 2007

Bottom Image- 5 years later , Feb 18th, 2012


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