10 years and 2 kids later.. and this was finally their day..

It was their 10th anniversary as a couple and their first day as husband and wife.. sometimes it works out that way.. trust me.. I KNOW!!!

Tara and I connected from the very first phone call, as soon as she told me her and Gene had been together for 10 years and had 2 kids.. we connected.

I know the story well.. its my own story too.. and as we drove to the beach for pictures after the emotional tear filled and love overflowing ceremony.. I asked ” so what was the deciding factor to finally get married?”  as they both chuckled .. and shared with me that today was their 10th anniversary .. Gene explained that it was just time.. that no matter what .. they were already a family.. he didnt need the paper to prove that.. but after SHE asked AGAIN.. he figured he better do it this time or she may not ask again! lol..  You’re one lucky guy Gene! So glad to have been a part of your day!


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