This is one lucky guy!!!!!

I met Melissa at my neighborhood Publix over 2 years ago.. I think it was her eyes that first caught my attention.. so sparkling blue..I just had to tell her.. ( I always try to compliment people on a positive attribute about them… it makes them smile) and every time I went to Publix,  I would go see her and talk to her for a bit while we were in her check out line… Jaden, my 5 year old, had (has) a lil crush on her.. so he would ALWAYS choose her line, and Melissa was just as sweet as could be to him and would talk to him about his day, and get a balloon with a lil treat for him. She quickly became his favorite girl at the supermarket, even more so than the lady that gives him a cookie!

Melissa and I would chat in the store and we became friends on facebook… where we realized that we had more in common than just our first names… we have IDENTICAL CATS!!!! Like SERIOUSLY!!! they are long lost twins!!!!! Mina and Gracey are definitely from the same blood line! 🙂  we both love our kitties and families.. and I just adore Melissa… I have been wanting to take her pics for some time now so…A few days ago we were finally able to get together with her mom Pam,  her dad Mark, and gorgeous sister Brittany, and lil doggy sister Gabby for a sweltering hot evening at the park.. and from the looks of the pics.. you couldnt tell that at times.. we were covered in bugs! Mom was none too happy about that… and it took some convincing and coaxing to get her in the tall bug infested grasses! 🙂

and as we sat there all sweating and laughing and enjoying our time together.. I was thinking WOW .. this is one lucky guy!!! He is surrounded by all these beautiful women who love and adore him, both as husband and father! and funny enough.. Pam and Mark both met at Publix 27 years ago where their love story began … now all these years later.. Melissa and Brittany both work at Publix and Melissa is building her own love story and beginning her own family… so before the new beginnings enter their life.. we took time to capture the family as it is now.. but for sure there will be more beautiful additions to this family.. a son-in-law to come.. a grand-baby on the way.. and LOTS more love to surround this LUCKY GUY! 🙂

Mark.. you must be doing something right.. God has greatly blessed you and your family! and we enjoyed spending our evening with you all!


Umm Yes.. Hello… My name is gorgeous and I am almost 4 months pregnant in this pic!

and just so i can show you our baby twins…. here they are! Mina and Gracey!

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