PassPremier… Promise.. DJ.. Zach n’ Jody… and GIRL TIME!!!!

Last weekend I had the exciting opportunity to attend the PassPremier event in Orlando as the tour bus came rolling into town. Pass is an exciting new technology created by the amazzzing tech savvy Entrepreneur/photographer/awesomeness knows as David Jay and it is going to revolutionize the way photographers share and deliver their photography to their clients. David is kind and soooo generous, he truly cares about moving our industry forward in the direction that most technology and information is moving these days… SOCIALLY… SOCIAL MEDIA!!!!!

TwitterFacebook.. among other social media outlets… so much of business networking and marketing has gone social.  The way we share our images, network with other photographers and clients & build client relationships has also gone social.. we are connecting like never before.. and PASS is going to allow photographers to share images and events in an entirely new and socially conscious way!!!! It’s groundbreaking and exciting and I am thrilled to be a part of it!!!

I was most excited to see and meet Promise Tangeman .. I absolutely ADORE HER!!! Her brilliant sense of self, style, and design inspires me… Just from following her blog I have been “re-inspired” to get back into doing some of the things I truly love to do… crafting and creating,  finding out what my personal sense of style is.. and what really makes me …well .. me! What inspires me.. What do I love to do.. to create.. and what am I trying to say through it all? Promise is a genius at helping businesses brand themselves and she does it with such vision… using THEIR visions.. teaching them to create there personal inspiration boards.. find the trends.. identify their strengths.. and strengthening them! Her emphasis is on FOCUS.. STYLE .. & CONFIDENCE! I learned so much during her time of sharing with us.. and I appreciate her wisdom sooo much! Thanks Promise!

I have been working on my personal style boards for a while now.. On Pinterest.. and in my own clippings and I am starting to see trends that I didn’t ever realize before… so what does it say about me? It says that I am simple.. earthly… classic and uncomplicated.. yet stylized .. It says that I like yellow and orange more than I thought I ever did and I love comfort ! 🙂 But all this has put together what I am seeking in my client relationships as well.. and how we will connect.  I see my potential brides as a fun.. comfy in jeans.. but sassy in heels kind of girl that appreciates the photography I want to give her.. and the relationship we will build throughout the process!

Kevin Swan spoke about Kiss Books... of which I CANNOT wait to design and create!!!! He was so ON POINT about how freaking frustrating it is to use Photoshop to design books… so I am right there with you Kevin … Thanks for sharing Swat with us!!! Anything that can simplify the post production and allow me to spend more time with my family… I am ALL about that! 🙂

Zach N’ Jody are AMAAAAAAZZZING! Their love for eachother GLOWS! and it reflects directly in their business and how they love their clients! Their ideas of courting their clients was just wonderful… how much greater is it to shower love and blessings over your clients than pay for marketing! Let your love for people speak for you.. show them you care about them.. their engagement and their wedding day! I think all this love they share with others just spills over from all the love they have for eachother! they are PRECIOUS! and Jody is just lovely!

after an inspiring evening with the fabulous crew of the PassPremier… Julie Story and Jillian Tree and I ventured back to stay at Julie’s timeshare resort… OH WHAT AN ADVENTURE THAT WAS…. stay tuned for that blog.. that will be on another page!

Here are some great fun images from the Pass Event Orlando! ( click that link to see all of them… most of them are of Julie… Lol….  Its the Julie and Pass Event gallery! lolol )


Julie and Andrew Heading to the Tour bus

this is the MelaRoom

And here is the Adorable and Totally Awesome Promise Tangeman And that is her totally rocking hubby Brian and Kevin Swan with the water on his head and the man behind the scenes Andrew Julie and Jillie Julie, Jillie and Andrew and Me and Jillie having some fun on the photo wall  LOVE JODY !!! SHE IS AWESOME!  And there is her super awesome hubby Zach... they are seriously the cutest! 

Love this girls crazy design skillz

They are tooooo cute for words!
Don’t ask! Me and Mariana from the FABULOUS Kismis Ink And of course… David surrounded by Love!  and the girls sassing it up  Thank you DJ!!!! you are amazzzzing! 



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MelissaJune 25, 2011 - 4:18 am

I so loved this post!! & Knowing I took some of the pictures I’m glad that they turned out! 🙂 It was soooo great meeting you!!

mariana herrera mosliJune 28, 2011 - 10:39 am

Melissa, it was so much fun meeting you at PASS! Thanks for including some of our pics in your blog post, love it! Looking forward to keeping in touch!