My Reflections of 9-11 one year after.. and now 10 years after…

I wrote this one year after the tragic events of 9-11 and now 10 years later.. it still isnt any easier to watch the footage and see the glorious towers extended to the sky infiltrated by flying weapons of mass destruction. It isn’t any less shocking or horrifying.. It isn’t any less painful. God Bless those men, women, and children lost on 9-11-01


As I look back on the event of one year ago today…I remember the morning…the complete shock and utter disbelief and surrealism of the moment…it just didnt even seem real…it was like a movie..something we had never seen before in OUR country! HOW could this be happening! I still feel that way a year later. I hurt so badly for the victims families…for the children that will grown up without a father, without a mother, a grandparent, a brother, a sister, a friend. I think about the husbands who lost wives, and wives who lost husbands, parents who lost children, and the complete despair they must have felt at that moment….and cannot imagine how they must feel today.

What good has come of it? What good has come of their deaths? THOUSANDS of lives, real people, real living, breathing, caring, INNOCENT people were murdered by the evil that dwells in the world. It wasnt just 2 awesome buildings, 4 massive planes, and a building that stands for national security… it was thousands of lives, with thousands of others that they left behind to grieve their loss, their presence in their lives.

I can’t imagine what the young woman, who was once sooo excited to be living and working in the greatest city in the world, must have thought as she sat at her desk overlooking the awesome skyline of New York City, sitting helpless and hopelessly watching a commercial passenger plane fly directly towards her building like a torpedo towards its intended target. Can you imagine her fear, her thoughts, the moment she knew she would die….DID SHE CRY OUT TO JESUS?? The ONE who at that very moment would have take her to be with Him! Did they cry out to HIM as they desperately jumped from the rooftops, shattered windows, and blazing floors to escape death by flames and chocking black smoke. Thoughts of their families .. their children.. their dreams crossing their minds in that 13 second plummet to Earth.. CAN YOU IMAGINE.

Did they cry out to HIM as their destination was now re-routed to Doom??!! I think about the 3 year old little girl on the plane with her mother, did the mother taker her lil girl into the bathroom and pretend they were in a secret hiding place, and read her happy stories, and sing Barney songs, and recite the ABC’ her last moments would not have been filled with fear but with joy and peace…or were her last moments on Earth filled with fear and confusion? Did her Mommy cry out to Jesus. and commit her life and her child’s life to HIM?

I think about the people in the Pentagon who had no way of knowing this would soon be happening to them …more lives GONE in an instant..but what about the ones who didnt die in an instant? what about the ones that painfully burned to death, who experienced a pain we can only imagine…did they cry out to HIM?

I think about the bravest men and women in the world, the ones who risked their lives and in the end sacrificed their lives, that others might live. Those are the police officers, the fire fighters, the emergency medical workers, and the HEROES of FLIGHT 93!!! Men who knew the risks, but gave all they had their last breath. Did they Cry out to HIM?

This day leaves em with feelings I still cant explain, it is anger, it is hurt and pain, sorrow and despair..and yet I am alive…I knew no one in particular who died that day, yet I knew them all, they are my brothers, and sisters in the family of life. They are my fellow Americans, they lived just as I do..with feelings and emotions, and Love. My Prayer is that on this day, in the midst of the horrible and unforgettable images imprinted on our minds, that they saw the GLORY like no other, glory that we can only Imagine…the glory that we too will one day see if we cry out to HIM!

I know that God was and still is in control, and we can never understand how this could have happened, I just pray for the families and will continue to draw near to the One that comforts me in this time! God Bless this Nation, and families of 9-11



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