Ken Smith… Master Engraver…. and I mean MASTER!!!!

Are you truly living YOUR PASSION… are you doing what it is you were created to do? I met someone who is.. and I am so glad I did….

Who knew a spur of the moment, completely on a whim, run in trip to The Silver Queen Jewelers would lead to meeting this AMAZINGLY talented craftsmen.. one of a dying breed.  In today’s age of technology, computers… iPads, iPhonesTwitter and Facebook accounts… who actually takes the time to learn a trade or a craft anymore! I am thinking a whole lot less than 30- 40 years ago! Mr. Ken Smith took up his trade over 30 years ago when his teacher, Dr. Warner Johnson of  Gem City College in Illinois began to teach him the art of engraving. He was a natural at it and it became his passion! Maybe he is such a natural because Ken comes from a family that has over 107 years in the jewelry making and engraving business!!  That is quite the family legacy! And after the death of his mother, father and brother.. all in the last 3 years.. Ken decided it was time for him to live out his passion and start his own engraving company… supported by his lovely wife Jan, and their strong faith in the Lord… they took that leap of faith and launched their own company this year… Ken Smith Engraving.

Ken is also one of a VERY ELITE group of Master Engravers certified by Colt Guns. Ken is extremely skilled in the 3 styles of engraving for the guns and it is truly some of the most beautiful custom work I have ever seen!  The guns pictured below were professionally stripped down to the stainless steel and then master crafted into the one of a kind pieces of art that they become under the skilled hands of Ken Smith Engraving! These are truly one of a kind.. sure to please any gun enthusiast and collector!  If you are interested in the guns pictured below.. please contact Ken at (727) 421-3468

This is The AMAZZZZZZING MK Series 70 Gold Cup National Match .45 Caliber Automatic. Ken has completely striped it down to the steel and hand engraved it to this masterpiece!


This is the Colt’s automatic 380 caliber. circa 1930 … this gun is for sale! 🙂 

The gun on the bottom is the Colt 25 caliber automatic.  Check out these AMAZING hand engraved bullets.  ( although I keep thinking.. Awwwww poor Buffalo )  Custom engraved jewelry is a GREAT gift Idea!!!!  The tools of the trade  Ken at his engraving ball Ken and his awesome wife Jan…. 

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