Jewel & Marty are married!

I met Jewel about 10 years ago.. I was just starting college.. at 24 and already with 2 kids.. she was doing the dual enrollment thing.. high school and college at the same time!!! Boy did i feel like a louse! lol.. I was intrigued with her being so smart and determined at such a young age.. and she was inspired by me being a single mother of 2 kids trying to attend college part time and work … we would parle Francais to eachother and sit together in class.. she was adorable and we just hit it off. And no matter how many years past.. still somehow we would run into each other a game.. or a concert.. or she would end up volunteering at  my mom’s job.. so when it came time for her to get married.. she contacted me and I was ABSOLUTELY THRILLED to be asked to be a part of her day! Jewel was calm as could be.. Marty was anxious to see his bride and marry her.. Her family was gracious and sweet.. his mother was emotional and reminded me of myself and what I will do when my own son takes a bride… sit in the front row and cry! It was a lovely day.. and we had alot of fun amidst the chaotic schedule.. but when it was all said and done.. it was fun.. It was God HONORING.. and as Mr. Smith said… ALL I CARE ABOUT is you BETTER get a pic of me eating!!! LOL as you command Mr. Smith!!!  He left me with these words… “Its the hardest thing you can ever do.. marriage that is.. But its the closest thing to what our relationship with GOD is.. FULL COMMITMENT!”

How about a “First Look” with Dad 🙂  And THIS is the Jewel I know!!! 🙂  And this is for you Mr. Smith! I didnt forget!!!! 🙂 

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Sarah GriesingerMay 9, 2011 - 10:33 am

She made such a beautiful bride!!! And what a great story!:)