Jennifer & Scott Conlon

As she sat quietly while getting her hair done.. Julie asked so how did you guys meet? Jennifer went on to tell us the story about how she was in a nightclub and these guys were trying to talk to her and her friends..but Scott interrupted and came to her rescue… ahhhh the hero to the rescue from drunk obnoxious guys in a club! Points scored for Scott…. only to have those points promptly wiped out by his choice of first date with Jen… a gory horror movie!!!!

Uggghhhhh Scott… the points would have accumulated by taking her to a chick flick… but maybe it worked… maybe she spent the evening hiding her face on his shoulder and cuddling closer with ever scare on the screen! Fast forward this scene to the actual Engagement proposal!!! SOMEONE DEFINITELY showed him a few chick flicks by now and MAJOR POINTS scored here!!!! Lets set the scene… DREAM TRIP TO AUSTRALIA!!!! Scott hid the ring in his wallet through several security checks in the airports hoping the surprise would not be ruined! On the day he proposed.. Jennifer and Scott  spent the day visiting Manly Beach and Bondi Beach.. Jennifer was soaked by a huge wave.. and the good sport she is.. spent the rest of the day walking around in sopping wet sneakers! As the sun was setting they went up to the Sydney Tower to see the skyline.. and as the sun went down and they were walking toward’s St. Mary’s Cathedral.. Scott decided Hyde Park was the place… He dropped on his knee and proposed right here! ( marked by the B  🙂 ) In front of the GORGEOUS Archibald Fountain … *all girls can swoon and daydream now for a moment*

They spent the rest of their dream vacation with his family enjoying hiking in the Blue Mountains, snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef, feeding kanagroos, exploring the Outback, driving the Great Ocean Drive, and dancing with Maori people….

Scott … I have to say… you came a LOOOOONG way from the first date.. From TOTAL first date fail.. to hopelessly romantic love story!

and the wedding was gorgeously perfect.. Jennifer did an amazing job of pulling it all together. and Scott did an amazzzing job of hiring the photographers!!!! 🙂

And you know what… I know this is a longer than usual Blog… but Jen said ( after she gave me a detailed photo check list 🙂  ) that when is was all said and done all she cared most about was the pictures of her and Scott… so Jen.. here are ALOT of pics of you and your HUSBAND!!!! 🙂

and check out Julie’s  AWESOME BLOG!!! She ROCKS!!!!

Wedding Venue: Hollis Gardens

Accomadations: The Terrace Hotel

DJ: who was AWESOME by the way!!!! DOCO

Catering: Affordable Catering

Decorations: Eyleen of The Flowers Blossom

Hair and Make-up: Leanne of La Nouveau Salon.





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Sarah GriesingerMay 10, 2011 - 9:13 pm

Melissa, you are an artist, my dear!!! Absolutely beautiful photos!:)

ToniMay 11, 2011 - 4:21 am

What a fabulous job you did at capturing this wedding! Stunning!!!

Gabrielle BassMay 11, 2011 - 4:43 pm

great job on this wedding! love the bokeh!