A Surrendered, Unashamed Heart FULL of HIS LOVE

I have been so sick over the last 2 weeks… I am sure a combination of staying up wayyy too late… not enough nutrition… stress.. fear.. and anxiety.. mix that with toddler germs and its a concoction for Melissa’s undoing. I thought I was getting better… then it slammed me again this week.. sore throat.. stuffy then runny nose.. sneezes.. sinus pressure.. headaches.. ears hurt.. tired… OH SO TIRED… yet there is still so much to do..

There are kids to take care of.. who really don’t care or realize that I am sick.. that doesnt mean much to them.. they are still hungry and need baths.. and mommy’s attention. There is a house to clean.. a car that looks like a herd of elephants live in it, also needs cleaning.. there are dishes.. laundry..vacuuming.. toilets and tub to clean.. oh the list goes on and on.. and that isn’t even including my actual photography worklist…

It can be overwhelming sometimes to think of all that needs to be done… but that is really the best time to just REST IN HIM!!!! When I am overwhelmed and my strength is gone.. HIS STRENGTH is perfect… Just like the Steven Curtis Chapman song says… HIS Strength is perfect when our strength is gone.. He’ll carry us.. when we can’t carry on.. Raised in HIS power, the weak WILL BE strong.. His strength is Perfect! His Strength is perfect!”

There is something about WORSHIP that Restores my soul… it is when I literally cry my eyes out.. pour my heart out… and raise my hands in COMPLETE submission to HIM… some people may not understand what that means to me.. but what it means is that I am laying ALL I HAVE and ALL I AM …. and resting at the foot of the Jesus.. and saying Lord… I can’t do this on my own.. I can’t go another step without you guiding me.. leading me.. carrying me on…

A few years ago when I was introduced to Kari Jobe’s music .. it was SOOOOO what I needed at the time… I needed to hear this angel singing these heavenly songs .. that drew me closer to the Father… that lead me into HIS PRESENCE and resting in HIS ARMS…

last night.. I was feeling so terrible.. I almost didnt go to hear her sing.. almost missed spending a night in worship with others who just come to worship the King… I almost didnt go… isnt that how the enemy works… to draw us away from the Father.. to put ANYTHING in our way to keep us from drawing closer to HIM… I am sooooooo glad my mommy didnt relent and I made up my mind to go!!! So glad to have been blessed and to be a part of such a wonderful night of worship…. Here are some images.. can’t you just see the Passion and the Heart of a worshipper!

here are also some links to Kari’s music! ENJOY and GOD BLESS!!!

We Cry Out

The more I seek you

My Beloved

Revelation Song



God is Spirit and His worshippers MUST worship in SPIRIT and TRUTH!~ John 4:24

I had to put these images in… these are my 2 lil ones… and they both LOVE Kari!!! I think She’lah will be a worship leader when she grows up. 🙂 

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