2 years since his death… she will never forget… My Grandad.. the Irishman.

My Nanny called today… just like she does most every other day… but I knew today was different.. I knew today was going to be particularly hard for her… It’s been 2 years since he fought for his last breath.. and lost. The congestive heart failure had finally taken its toll on his already weakened body and his time had come.. but she was not ready to say goodbye. If she could have had 66 more years with him.. she would…It was her Joe… her first and only love.. her Irishman.

My Grandad’s life had always been an interest and much of a mystery to me. Most I ever knew when I was growing up is that they lived in a nice condo on the beach and my Nanny’s refrigerator was ALWAYS going to be full of reece’s cups. My Grandad was the building manager for the people that actually had enough money to live there and their condo was just a benefit of the job.. but the benefit to my brother and I was that we got to snoop around the building, all the storage places, and the boiler rooms and we thought that was super cool. We snuck around the hallways and the stairwells and got to hang out on the beach.. and in all the time that we spent with my grandparents while growing up.. I still didnt get to know much about Grandad.. I knew he was a proud Ole Irishman who loved to watch his golf, and read his paper and who had a cool ole’ merchant marine tattoo on his arm.. It ALWAYS made me wonder about his life back home.. his youth and his time on that ship… the one that was torpedoed in the North Atlantic that fateful evening he tried to save his childhood best friend. I think he was pretty much quiet from that day on.. except when he was arguing with Nanny. They fought like cats and dogs sometimes.. it was mostly hilarious to hear their accented voices arguing and to hear my lil “4 foot nothing” nanny say ” awwww joe… go to hell” lololol it was quite entertaining to us. And they fought all the way up to the end days, but it was their love language if you can understand that. They disagreed and that was ok.. cause they still stuck it out and not too many people can say they stuck it out for 66 years.. and whether they had the ideal life or not.. it was theirs to share.. and my Nanny as she stoked the head of her dear Joe as he just passed.. she said ” Awww Joe… why’d you have to leave me Joe.. we had a good life.. we had a good ole life.. didn’t we… We had  a good life joe”

Yes Nanny.. I think you did.. and I miss him too.. just not nearly as much as you.

Here is a slide show I made after he passed away.. it brought me a huge amount of peace.. and lots of joy to celebrate his life!

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